The rusty hook fishing club

4606 Pippin Glen Drive, Humble, Texas 77396




The tournament year is from April 20, 2016 to April 19, 2017

Weigh slips are available at monthly meetings and have spaces to register your catch (freshwater or saltwater). At the next meeting, the slips will be handed in and new ones issued. Fishermen may also use any piece of paper with Fisherman’s name, date, fish name, fish weight, and initial of person verifying weight. Members may witness each other’s fish weighins.

1. Fish must be caught with rod & reel only. You may use live bait, dead bait, or artificial bait.

2. Fish should be weighed in at one of the bait camps. The bait camp will initial the slip. However, any place or person may weigh the fish as long as they initial the weigh slip. Catch and Release fish may be entered if witnessed, weighed and recorded. The largest two fish of each category caught by each fisherman each month (session) will be entered.


3. Slips will be turned in at next club meeting. Hint!! We want you to come to the meetings. If you cannot attend the club meeting, it is up to you to get the weight slip turned in at the club meeting or to the tournament official (you may email proof to the RH secretary) as soon as possible! If the club holds tournaments or outings during the year, the fish will automatically count in this tournament. Pictures may be submitted for printing in the newsletter.


4. This tournament will start at the April meeting and end at the April meeting of the next year. Therefore, there will be 12 sessions (monthly meetings) to turn in fish reports.


Session 1 (4/16 - 5/16) May 18th outing Session 7 (10/16 – 11/16) Nov 16th meeting

Session 2 (5/16 – 6/16) June 15th meeting Session 8 (11/16 – 12/16) Dec 21st (no meeting)

Session 3 (6/16 – 7/16) July 20th meeting Session 9 (12/16 – 1/17) Jan 18th meeting

Session 4 (7/16 – 8/16) Aug 17th meeting Session 10 (1/17 – 2/17) Feb 15th meeting

Session 5 (8/16 – 9/16) Sept 21st meeting Session 11 (2/17 – 3/17) March 15th meeting

Session 6 (9/16 – 10/16) Oct 19th meeting Session 12 (3/17 – 4/17) April 19th meeting

5. The honor system shall be used for everyone. Only legal size fish (no tagged redfish) may be entered. Only club members in good standing may participate in this tournament.


6. Tournament Divisions (Categories):


a. Freshwater: Bass, Crappie, Stripper, Catfish, Trout, Miscellaneous.


b. Inshore Saltwater: Black Drum, Sand/Gulf Trout, Speckled Trout, Redfish, Flounder, Whitin, Croaker, Sheepshead, Gafftop, Miscellaneous.


c. Offshore Saltwater: Red Snapper, Snapper (other), Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Cobia, Jackfish, Shark, Dolphin (Dorado), Miscellaneous.


8. There are 25 categories. At the end of the tournament year, total weight in each category will be added up to see who wins that category. The person who wins the most categories is “Fisherman of the Year”. In the case of a tie, winner will be the person with the largest total weight of fish caught.

9. The Rusty Hook Club Fisherman of the Year will be announced by the May meeting!!


Tournament Official: Michael W. Thomas (RH Secretary) 4606 Pippin Glen Dr Humble, Texas 77396

Home: 281 973-8505 cell: 832 771-7298 email: